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Need help using Broken Shortcut Fixer? Find questions and answers to common problems below. Since Broken Shortcut Fixer is a free product, unfortunately we cannot provide free email or phone support.

How to Use Broken Shortcut Fixer

Just open Broken Shortcut Fixer and click "Scan Shortcuts." Broken Shortcut Fixer will examine every shotrcut on your PC. Any invalid shortcuts will be automatically repaired when possible. Any shortcut that cannot be repaired will be listed as a broken shortcut in the results list. If Broken Shotrcut Fixer is able to repair all broken shortcuts (or there are no broken shortcuts found), the list will be empty at the end of the scan.

How to view a broken shortcut?

If you have a list of broken shortcuts, just double click the shortcut link to view that item in the Windows explorer.

Should I delete the broken shortcuts?

If Broken Shortcut Fixer finds broken shortcuts after scanning you may or may not want to delete them. Look at each shortcut individually to decide. If it's a shortcut you know that you no longer need, feel free to delete it. If the shortcut is broken due to an unmounted external drive (USB drive, network drive, etc), you may want to keep that shortcut. In the end, it's really up to you. Shortcuts are typically just used to make it easier for you to access files, programs, or directories.

How to Uninstall Broken Shortcut Fixer?

Broken Shortcut Fixer is easy to uninstall through the Windows Add/Remove Programs interface.

On Windows 8, 7 or Vista:

Click Start » Control Panel » Programs » Uninstall a program

On Windows XP:

Click Start » Control Panel » Add/Remove Programs

It didn't do anything!

If you click "Scan Shortcuts" and nothing else happens, there's nothing to worry about. Broken Shortcut Fixer may have automatically repaired any broken shortcuts or just didn't find any broken shortcuts. Note: Version 1.2 provides additional information after the scan.